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Most Canadian religious communities are struggling to ensure their future in Canada. Indeed, for most, the last Canadian recruit goes back more than thirty years. In order to safeguard their existence, many religious communities are turning to international recruits, whether these recruits are members of their international communities or not.


Religious worker

Our immigration system allows for two special temporary categories for religious workers. We will choose one or the other based on your circumstances. In some instances, a work permit will be preferred, while in others, a visitor status will suffice.

Religious communities can rest assured that there will be a solution when they need reinforcements quickly! Moreover, if the foreign candidate is exempted from the obligation of obtaining an entry visa for Canada, the application can be made directly at the border. In this case, only a few days would be required in order to prepare the application package which would then be presented by the worker at the border.

Permanent residency

Generally, religious workers will not be very good candidates for the typical economic immigration programs. Indeed, the notion of work is defined as necessarily paid, which does not fit the reality of most of religious communities. Thus, very few religious workers qualify in regular immigration programs.

We typically request the application of a discretionary measure so that religious members can obtain permanent residency in Canada. In such cases, it is not a question of meeting certain objective criteria, but rather of persuading the immigration officer that the candidate deserves the application of such a discretionary measure. Everything becomes subjective… It is more than necessary in these circumstances to prepare a complete and convincing file.

Religious studies

Whether a foreign member of a religious community is first arriving here in order to pursue studies, or whether this decision is taken after this person has already been working here for a while, religious studies in a formal educational institution will require a study permit. Although there is no special category for religious studies, given the particularities of the religious way of life, it will be necessary to adapt the presentation of the file accordingly.

It is important to consider that your young novices will not be eligible for a study permit for this period of crucial training to religious life. In any case, as the novitiate is a period of immersion in religious life, involving religious work, we will normally be able to obtain a work authorization for this period.