Immigration to Canada: How to get started?

Some clients already have their immigration strategy all planned out when they get in touch with us, but for most, our discussion usually starts with: “So, we would love to move to Canada, but we don’t know how…”

Like most people, you will generally have a few different options and our role is to help you find the one best suited to your situation, taking into consideration your goals as well as all the little details each immigration program entails. You will then be able to make an informed decision regarding your immigration to Canada!

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Work permit

Open work permit : “How can I obtain an open work permit in Canada?” Unfortunately, most people will not qualify for this type of work permit. However, you may be eligible for an open work permit through one of the International Experience Canada (IEC) programs. A limited number of youths from specific countries are eligible to apply for a work permit under this program. The spouses of certain temporary foreign workers and the spouses of students are also eligible for an open work permit. Except in very specific situations, an open work permit is simply not available to most foreign nationals.

Employer-specific work permit : If a Canadian employer is offering you a job and is ready to support you through the application process, your chances of being granted a work permit for this specific employment opportunity will generally be quite high. There are many dozens of programs that lead to such a work permit, and we will determine the most efficient procedure with you and your employer.

Starting a business in Canada : A credible business plan generally makes it possible to obtain a work permit in Canada. It is therefore absolutely realistic to think you will be able to secure a work permit that way, but you must prepare such an application with extra care. Giving us the opportunity to provide you with competent and ingenious advice will make all the difference.

Obtaining a work permit


While there are a few exceptions, you will usually need a study permit to come to Canada to study. Once you receive your letter of acceptance from the educational institution, you must meet the requirements set out by Immigration Canada to obtain your study permit. A study permit can usually be obtained within a short period of time, but it is wise to get it as soon as possible.

Family members of foreign students can usually obtain authorizations to accompany the student to Canada: their spouse will be given an open work permit and their children will be given the documents required so they can attend school.

In most cases, minor children accompanying their parents to Canada (who are themselves workers, students or visitors) are required to obtain a study permit to attend school during their stay in Canada.



Nationals from many countries are not required to get a visitor visa before coming to Canada. However, for certain foreign nationals, getting the required authorization can sometimes be a very tricky process. Therefore, before applying for a Canadian visitor visa, make sure you clearly understand the eligibility criteria.

All visitors, regardless their country of origin, must meet the Canadian immigration requirements before being admitted to Canada. Since March 2016, almost all visitors exempted from obtaining a visitor visa must get an electronic travel authorization (eTA) before entering Canada. (US citizens are exempted from the eTA also)



In the past several years, an increasing number and more diverse immigration programs have become available in Canada. Programs have opened and closed, been suspended, restrained or widened. Basically, we have seen constant change. When taking such a significant step in your life, it is essential that you receive meticulous guidance right from the start. The waiting period is generally rather long, and any mistake made in the application process can be quite costly.

The first step is to decide where you would like to settle down in Canada, because the programs vary from one province to the next, particularly between Québec and the rest of Canada.

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Once they have been granted permanent residency, many people want to become part of the larger Canadian family. The criteria for becoming a Canadian citizen has changed in recent years. Anyone wishing to obtain Canadian citizenship must precisely determine the number of days they have been physically present in Canada before submitting an application. However, that is just one of many factors that will be taken into consideration.

Processing applications for Canadian citizenship unfortunately takes a rather long time. Complicating the matter, if even a simple question is raised about your file, the waiting period for approval of your application may be extended by several months or even years. It is therefore advisable to get expert guidance to avoid any foreseeable delays or refusals.

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If you have a criminal record, a health problem, or if you've already submitted a Canadian immigration file and you're now dealing with any problematic situations, we're here to help. Whether the problem involves your ineligibility, an unexpected refusal, a problematic declaration or any other legal question, contact us and we'll ease your concerns.

Every case is unique, and therefore there is an equally unique solution to every situation.

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