Canada, like many other countries, is currently facing a major labour shortage impacting all sectors of the economy. Therefore, there is an increasing number of immigration programs for temporary workers and procedures are constantly changing. There are often several possible pathways for bringing your workers to Canada. However, expert advice in choosing the best option for every different circumstance is essential and you'll need the assistance of a professional who understands your company, its strengths and challenges, and also its culture. This is what Brunel Immigration has to offer you.

During our first exploratory meeting with you (free of charge) we will assess how hiring foreign workers will affect your company: delays, challenges, costs and obligations. In short, this meeting will enable you to make an informed decision about what to do next.



Obtaining authorizations for a worker : If your need to recruit workers from abroad is legitimate, it is generally possible to find a solution that meets your needs.

This solution will depend on the nationality of the foreign worker, your needs, the recognized Canadian labour market shortages, international agreements concluded by Canada, the worker's employment experience, among many other things.

Several different work permits can be obtained within a few days, while it may take several weeks or even months to obtain others. In all instances, it is important to choose the right pathway to avoid wasting time, or worse, having your application refused.



Compliance does not only mean that the worker must make sure their status remains valid while they are working for an employer in Canada, but the company must also respect its obligations by offering exactly the same employment conditions as those they represented to the authorities in their application. They must also make sure they carry out all of the activities they agreed to undertake when their file was submitted.

Increasingly often, authorities will audit companies to determine whether or not they are in compliance with their obligations and if not, there may be repercussions.



Our partners in international recruitment

IDS recruits experienced professionals, managers and leaders. Mr. Cavaggion and his team have built their success by hunting for talented French-speaking recruits whose professional pathways have been primarily developed in Canada. For the most agile employers, they have developed a pragmatic and simplified solution for recruiting outside Canada.

JobIn International is an international recruitment agency specialized in recruiting human resources staff for the following sectors: manufacturing and distribution, energy and environment, construction and real estate, engineering, information technology and communications and life sciences.

Québec en tournée (QET) offers an international recruiting service and support for prospective newcomers who would like to live and work in Québec.

Specialized in helping immigrants settle into their new home since 2011, Ms. Ouellet has developed services tailored to her clients' needs, providing them with a warm welcome, carefully preparing their move, helping them get settled in and providing them with personalized contact with a view to their successful integration into Québec society.