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There are almost as many paths which ultimately lead to permanent residency in Canada as there are reasons for coming! Our role in this process is to guide you through the path which will best fit your needs and personal situation. If you have no immediate family in Canada, you will normally have to qualify under one of the country’s economic immigration programs. If you do, you may qualify for permanent residency under the family reunification category.

If you are a foreign student or worker in Canada, you will be in a favourable position to obtain permanent residency.



Canada and Quebec propose two main programs of economic immigration:

Skilled workers: Selection criteria are based on education, age, linguistic abilities in English and French, work experience, the presence of children, the characteristics of your accompanying spouse if applicable, and many others.

Business Immigration: These programs vary greatly across Canada, as they are mostly supported by the provinces. Quebec has the most comprehensive business immigration program and includes sub categories of self-employed workers, entrepreneurs and investors. All sub-categories will require business experience and a certain net worth.


Canada favours the reunification of families, the basis behind this immigration category.

It is likely that you will qualify under this category if you are the partner, the mother or father, or the child (whether adopted or not) of a permanent resident or of a citizen of Canada. Some other parents may also be admissible under certain circumstances.

Admissibility criteria will also be applicable to your sponsor, i.e. the permanent resident or the citizen with whom you have the relationship.


If you are a foreign worker or student in Canada, you will need to qualify in an immigration program applicable to all. However, your file may be treated faster and should benefit from favourable factors due to your experience in Canada.

Between the filing of your immigration application for permanent residency and the issuance of a permanent status, you will normally be able to obtain extensions or changes to your temporary status so as to remain in Canada legally in the meantime.