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The world is within reach for the elites.  If you fall into this nice category, you are able to acquire a new life in quite a few countries.  Some countries may issue citizenship within months while others will only grant a permanent resident status (which can evolve into citizenship eventually).

Working closely with government authorised agents of the concerned country, we can help you obtain a new life for you and your family.


The province of Quebec in Canada, and the US each have their program to attract elites of this world.  However, their programs tend to be more demanding than those of other countries.  Antigua and Barbuda, a splendid country in the Caribbean’s offers the possibility of acquiring their passport within just a few months.  Ireland is also an interesting possibility.

Depending on the immigration program selected, your obligations towards the host country, your status and the delays will vary greatly.  Those factors will be crucial elements to take into consideration before you decide where to go.

In the end, whatever your destination, the security of your loved ones, the education of your children and your peace of mind will most likely be greatly improved.