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Canada is constantly recruiting talented business people to partake in its economy. To this end, several immigration programs are open to entrepreneurs as well as foreign investors who wish to settle temporarily or permanently in Canada. By demonstrating the advantage you will bring to the country, it will almost always be possible to find a migration strategy that can meet your expectations.

Here are a few…


A work permit based on your business project

Since Canada favors the permanent settlement of temporary immigrants who have already become well integrated into the Canadian economy, one of the most effective strategies for business immigration is to first obtain a work permit based on your project. For example, if you want to start a business in Canada, or invest money in an existing business, you could get a work permit. If you create a subsidiary of a foreign company, you could also get a work permit… This is also true for individual business projects (self-employed), and many more…

A business project in Canada gives you the opportunity to come to Canada with your family. By first having a work permit in Canada, your spouse will be able to work and your children will be able to attend school. If you also have the objective of establishing yourself permanently in Canada, we can ensure that this first temporary stay qualifies you for permanent immigration.

Since obtaining a work permit is fast, by choosing this route, you can be in Canada quickly.

A work permit annexed to your spouse’s projects

Some business people will choose more conventional ways to achieve their ends. We mentioned above that work permit holders can stay in Canada with their families. This is also the case for foreign students.

If your spouse is open to completing a course of study in Canada (whether it is as part of a professional re-orientation, skills improvement or simply to adapt to the Canadian labour market), you could get an “open” work permit. This permit would allow you to undertake, at your own pace and without pressure, your business project.

Likewise, if your spouse is recruited by a Canadian company, you could become the accompanying spouse on an open work permit.

The business project does not necessarily need to support the family’s immigration process.

Permanent immigration through a specific program for business people

Some business people will be better served by immigration programs that lead directly to permanent residence. These programs are often more complex, but offer additional stability to the family who firmly wants to relocate permanently.

Permanent immigration programs for business people are largely managed by the Canadian provinces. With each province having its own programs, the offer is varied. Usually, management experience, some net worth and a basic investment will be required. These programs are usually subject to certain financial and/or entrepreneurial conditions. It is important to choose the right path for you.

In terms of business immigration, it is imperative to be advised by rigorous and creative professionals, who will understand all aspects of your project, but also the preferences of your family.

We promise to guide you through the process best suited to your needs, and to listen to you from start to finish.