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If you have already filed an immigration or citizenship application with the Canadian authorities and you are now faced with a problem, we can help.
Whether you are faced with a ground for inadmissibility, an unexpected refusal, a problematic declaration or any other litigious question, contact us, you will feel relieved.



The Canadian government limits entry of people who pose a risk to the health of Canadians, as well as to people whose health condition will impose a burden on the Canadian healthcare system.

What is a risk to the health of Canadians? Generally those will be limited to infectious and transmittable diseases. A cure and/or treatment will generally be imposed before entry to Canada is considered.

What is a burden to the Canadian healthcare system? It all depends on the type of disease you are affected by, the prognosis for your illness and the medical treatments available and necessary.


A foreign national with a heavy criminal record or who was part of crimes against humanity, will be considered inadmissible to Canada, understandably. But of course, not all people who hold a criminal record or have been in the vicinity of persons of questionable morality are inadmissible to Canada.

Different factors will be taken into consideration depending on what immigration authorities are worried about regarding your background. But as a general rule, a professional opinion should be sought as soon as there is a criminal record or as soon as suspicions can arise from your background. Security and criminality issues are taken very seriously by the Canadian government. That being said, there is hope for those who, although they fall into this broad category, are not dangerous or of bad morality.


You filed your application on your own and you received a letter asking for additional information or documentation and are scared your application will be ultimately refused? Or, unfortunately, you already have the refusal in hand?

If caught on time, a file can often be put back on the right track in order to avoid a refusal. If the refusal has already been issued, other options will have to be considered: a new application, a court proceeding, etc. The appropriate solution will vary depending on the type of application refused and the facts of your case.